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material world: just do it


I’ve wanted a pair of colorful Nikes for ever and ever. And then I found these for a good deal, so they live with me now. Now there’s so many choices and other kicks from this brand I’d like to have if we’re gonna be a bit materialistic for a while. Like original AirMax (oh… Läs mer »


right now is a gift – that’s why we call it the present


Did you not give any new year resolutions? Did you already break some? Are you tired of getting gifts to everyone after the Xmas holidays? Well, no matter which, maybe this year try to give presence. To family, to friends, to others, and to yourself. Be aware, be here, be now. I know this is… Läs mer »


life lessons


  1. Risk more than is required. 2. Learn more than is normal. 3. Be strong. 4. Show courage. 5. Breathe. 6. Excel. 7. Love. 8. Lead. 9. Speak your truth. 10. Live your values. 11. Laugh. 12. Cry. 13. Innovate. 14. Simplify. 15. Adore mastery. 16. Release mediocrity. 17. Aim for genius. 18. Stay… Läs mer »