Work: model




  Packed and prepared, ready for take off. And yes, that’s all a bunch of mosquito repellants – however non exotic New York may seem my immune system ain’t a fan of their poison. Screw them, I told you I was prepared. See you on the other side of the Atlantic xx //A


work mode


From first day of work earlier this week here in Cape Town (normal shoot, no awkwardness haha). Thought we were going to melt away in that rooftop studio (think greenhouse), but at least it sure came with a view.   //A


about Cape Town & castings


Cape Town is different. Sure a part of modeling is doing a lot of castings. Running around to different places showing potential clients I exist. Showing my portfolio, snapping some polaroids, maybe trying some clothes and do a walk. In CT though, there’s lots of moving image/film/video. Commercials, acting. There’s still no auditions you’ve prepared… Läs mer »


white hot


Do you remember that I was in Turkey this last summer for work (1, 2)? A while back I finally got a scanned version the last editorial! Crisp white and gold, a yacht and the sea.   Favourites? Always. Pic three and five this time. No3 for the hair and face (I wouldn’t mind hair… Läs mer »


CT w1


First work week in Cape Town, South Africa, has been hectic. It started out crazily warm – trust me it ain’t easy to run around in 36C and still look fresh and non sweaty at castings haha. There’s been too little sleep, tough circuit morning training in full blown disco mood (lights and smoke machines… Läs mer »