noise is always loud, there are sirenes all around. concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do. these streets will make you feel brand new, big lights will inspire you. you’re in New York.

It’s much. Everything is just… much. 



The first few days are hot, the humidity is high. The heat gets caught between the high buildings of metal and glass. It’s impossible to move without feeling the increased warmth between the skin on your back and your one single layer of clothing.


New agency, new city, new continent. Everything is different here. There’s always been ‘hair up’, ‘no make up’, ‘dark, black, cool, edgy’ and now everything is backwards; ‘hair down’, ‘more mascara’, ‘do you have anything white? lighter? can you buy a white tank top?’. It’s new.


Castings – agency – email – casting – thinking – old acquaintances, new people, friends from the past – analyzing – writing . My mind is multitasking and jumping back and forth between different tracks.


Trying to get familiar with the city, the places, the area where I live. I’ve never really been in Williamsburg before and now this is where I live.


‘Are you a dancer? You have some sort of grace’
‘If you’re not a model you should be’
Random comments and conversations with strangers. In the line waiting for coffee, in the park, walking by. Just an exchange of a few words and sentences and nothing else.


Running across Williamsburg bridge while the sun is setting, seeing the city become dark and shimmer with flickering lights.


There’s always something going on, I’m barely home and I’m barely sleeping. The city that never sleeps calls for people that never sleeps. Yet I have so much energy. Most of the time at least, until I stop and breathe for a minute.


Being light on my feet, feeling bouncy and in need to dance while walking down the streets.


Catching up with people I haven’t seen for years, and spending days and nights with them, caught up in random conversations or moving on pulsing dance floors.


Ending up spontaneously shooting in the middle of a weekend night, just for the fun of it. Going out dancing half the night on a Tuesday. Why not, New York, why not.


I survived a cancelled flight, another delayed flight and arriving 10h late. I’ve survived the mosquitoes (not to jinx anything, but so far). I’m here. I’m always a little negative when being somewhere new, before I’ve settled in and gotten my bearings right. I feel I’m getting past that now, and I start to feel at home, feeling that I think I like it here. I just confirmed my first job, even if I’ve only been here for so short and it usually takes time to get into the American market. New York, so far so good.


Running around the city that never sleeps, I’m more active on Instagram. You can find me @lifebyalina.

Xx //A

  1. Aaron

    Check out the NY Times article about the El Niño going on, it could be the most powerful ever, God, it feels like southern Louisiana here in penguin city, haha, it’s soo hot and sticky, nice for a while tho

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