a mind that’s been stretched by new experiences can never go back to its old dimensions

So it’s been quite a while since I left Cape Town by now, and there’s been other things going on along the way. However that’s kind of the last place you heard from me here and this is what I did there during my two month stay, the fun part.

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I did work a lil’ bit even if it was slooow.

Watched the sunset from an abandoned rooftop on Signal hill.

Went to Kirstenbosch botanical garden with Malin and Catherine to hike Table mountain, but arrived to late in the day to make it all the way so just walked around the gardens instead.

Went to a day festival. Mainly consisting of people watching, sun, watch other ppl get everything but sober, and some dancing until the repetitive techno music got boring.

Swedish dinner by the Swedes made for our South African friends, with snapsvisor (drinking songs) before every cheering until we ran out of songs we knew and just made them up as we went (without the South Africans knowledge ofc)

Went up at 4-something-am to hike Lions head while the sun and moon switched places on the sky.


Went wine tasting in the wine lands and had a blending competition. Lots of red wine there, cheers.

Open air cinema with a gang of model peeps and saw Zoolander (let’s call it a documentary about male models)

Went in time and properly hiked Table Mountain with Malin, Louren and Albin. Cloudy, cold, windy so we had to run on top of the mountain, stopping just to hug rocks warmed up by some previous sun. Accidentally ending up on “dangerous path – do not go if cloudy, raining or windy” surrounded by white thick as walls. Walking down on the city side on shaky legs and after 6,5 hours of climbing/walking/running finishing off with pizza.

Horseback riding with the Swedes. Tired horses across the long white beach of Kommetjie, surrounded by mountains and turquoise water. Singing out loud to Avicii in the car back to the city.

Went directly to a Saturday food market in a private back yard for sample tasting, lunch and a nap on the grass in the shade. Got food poisoned.

Went to an outdoor concert with Malin and saw they guy with the awesomest voice (Paolo Nutini)

Spiritfest – a yoga/meditation/dance festival in the mountains with Saga. Glamping in a rented tent with proper mattresses and our big fluffy duvets. Some yoga, a bit of meditation and even more so hanging out by the raw food stalls.

Me and Saga did a two day juice cleanse. Full on with not a single drop of coffee, can’t even remember last time I went a full day without. So. Freakin’. Boring. Food ftw.


Played tourists with Saga and Malin and went on a sightseeing bus going around the western cape. Managed to get off and get lost at a wine farm with no wine avail.

Yet another food market – the Old biscuit mill – with Malin and Saga for more walkabouts and samples. Had the best mushroom kebab ever.

Got tickets to a boxing and party event with theme the Great Gatsby in the city town hall. Beautiful light in there so geeked around taking photos before ditching the slow paced place it turned out to be for a techno night club – still dressed 20′s style…

Road tripping along the west coast to hidden beaches, stopping along the way to cuddle with shelter puppies and finishing of with fresh seafood in a tiny fish village. With Malin, Saga and Adam 1.

Finding hidden rocks close to the busy beach for some full on sun soaking with Malin.

Two oceans aquarium with Saga and Malin. Lots of Nemo’s, watching underwater kelp jungles and tunas.

Trying skating (all protection included) with the roomies and Adam 2. Ofc with some geeky work mode posing for fun.

Started the DJ group FairyDJs [faerihdjeys] with the roomies. Only problem was the lack of gigs and knowledge about how to DJ.

Went for lots of movies at the cinema, since it was so freaking cheap. Lots of bad ones…

Me and the roomies rented a car and I got to drive on the left side of the road! Went to Cape of good hope, stopped for baboons, hiked around the area, playing music on loud and singing stuff from the Lion King even louder.


Me and Saga was having lunch when we thought ‘so what should we do after this?’ and decided to make a call. “Perfect conditions and spaces avail right now, come asap!”, so we took a taxi up the mountain, and quite literally flew home to the other side of Signal hill. Paragliding, check. The most featherlight and harmonious feeling.

Another hike of Table mountain with Saga, Teddy, Adam 2 and Willy. With sun and heat this time, so sweaty! Took the cable car down and finished it all in 4h.

“Day before Thursday” market one evening with Saga. Made vegan diy-sushi and had the best sweet potato pasty evereverforever, Saga even died a little.

Me and Saga rented a car again. Sang as loud as we could to Of monsters and men and took the speakers to a test. Went to Cheetah outreach; an educational conservation center. Got to touch a cheetah (they look so silky but oh so rough).

Kept driving that rented car straight to Hout Bay market for food and then stopped by Llundudno beach in the dark under the stars. On the way back to the city I took the empty street opportunity to drive on the actual wrong-wrong side (ie the right side) just because… hah.

We’ve had quite a few meetings with the sun and I got a golden glow to my skin. The cloudy days could probs be counted on one hand.

100% Switch bitch with Saga. Switch was the gym where we trained during the best HIIT/circuit classes. Disco lights, smoke machine, a DJ, and so warm every other person trained half naked says enough. Addiction deluxe and abstinence for this place!

Invented a bunch of really cool (read ‘geeky’) sorts of high fives/fist bumps named power, jellyfish, snail, unicorn, penguin and Switch. Because you need different ones for every situation mhm.


And that was that. And I am so grateful for this time. Even if work was slow there was no better timing or place for that, than when being somewhere where the sun is always shining and you’re spending the time with some of your best friends <3




förevigt föralltid ❤️

Tindra 2002/06/02 – 2015/05/26


When I was about nine we had a questionnaire in school. I still have this piece of paper back home. It asked what we wanted to do in five years time, and my reply was “have a dog”. What did we want to do in ten years? “Dog…”

Don’t stop nagging on your parents to get that dog, because it might work. And it might be the best thing ever.

I am so grateful for every day she’s been with us. Through ups and downs, through running together in the snow and playing in the grass, through stubborn fights and arms bruised by a young dogs teeth. She’s always been there and has taught us so much. For all the lessons, for all the love. I miss her so much.



Love, //A



Waaaaa hello. 

So… I’m back in the northern hemisphere back home in Sweden. Yeah that happened, and lots of other stuff too. Like stepping out the plane when landing in Sthlm just to go straight onto another one to Norway for work before going back home again. Internet down in Cape Town was seriously slow. Uploading a single picture took forever. Besides I was always out and about doing other fun stuff (“computer what?”). Work wise everything was seriously shit there, nothing going on, barely any castings. Good enough, everything is so cheap down there anyway. That’s when you make the best of the situation, hang with all your awesome friends and go adventuring.

So I’ve done so much irl and about nada in the digital world. Maybe that’s a good thing and what we all need every now and then, just some digital detox.

For now, x //A



heal.thy self

I wake by the sound of rain falling on the fabric of our tent. The weak light from outside tells me it’s still early. I know rain always sounds heavier from the inside of a tent but the warmth of the duvet drags me back to a snooze.

The rain and humidity feels cold on our skins, but the stretching movements from an early morning yoga class makes us warm from the inside. We breath and tune in with ourselves and the surroundings.

The sun breaks through and warms everything up, giving a light to the mountains that surrounds us, makes the dew disappear from the grass and wakes the birds.

After a few hours and other classes we feel just a tad restless and want to swap sweaty yoga classes outside for a tough boxing/circuit class in the city. We breath and try to get over ourselves, finding patience.

It’s the golden hour and the sun colors everything in a golden light. The trees and tents cast longer shadows on the ground. Everything seems more beautiful this time of the day. I’ve always loved that golden sunset light.

We’re far out from any artificial lights and the starry sky is spectacular. You can see why it’s called the Milky Way, with star clouds making parts of the dark sky almost seem misty. 

It’s 4.35 and pitch dark outside. I wrap myself in every piece fabric I’ve brought and sit down in the grass. Accompanied by others and the first rays of light we meditate while the world slowly wakes up around us. 

It feels like if we’re going to melt away. Vinyasa yoga outside feels like a heated yoga class. We swim in the dam but neither that or a shower helps for long. Our tent feels like a sauna when we pack up the things we brought. The AC in the car is a welcome break from the heat when we drive back, watching the silhouettes of the mountains that surround the city come closer for every mile.

image IMG_9881.JPG IMG_9882.JPG image image IMG_9883.JPG

(How to put on mosquito repellant at a yoga event)

image IMG_9888.JPG IMG_9884.JPG IMG_9885.JPG IMG_9886.JPG IMG_9889.JPG


Me and Saga went to SpiritFest over the weekend. A yoga/meditation/dance festival in the mountains an hour drive outside of Cape Town. We spent the weekend camping, practice yoga and meditation, soaking up some sun, laughing at the (according to us) over the top dopey things, and we didn’t wear shoes once.

peace x //A


material world: just do it

I’ve wanted a pair of colorful Nikes for ever and ever. And then I found these for a good deal, so they live with me now.


Now there’s so many choices and other kicks from this brand I’d like to have if we’re gonna be a bit materialistic for a while. Like original AirMax (oh just.. real colorful or all white or all black?), sky dunks (same color issue hmm) and I don’t even know myself yet but I’ve heard that “a girl can never have too many Nikes”. I just wish that was true for the weight and space restrictions when traveling.

FullSizeRender[1]__1419707900_81.216.160.7 FullSizeRender__1419707890_81.216.160.7

Anyway I start with these and that’s not bad, not bad at all.

x //A