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I’ve been here for two weeks now. The day before yesterday was the hottest day ever recorded in Cape Town: 42C. I know it might be winter and snow and cold and windy and miserable back home (or is it? Internet and staying updated is a bit shit here) and we’re not allowed to complain. But seriously, melting away! A bit chilly and cloudy today is a welcome break from the heat.

It’s slow work wise, I’m holding loads of options but there are not really any castings going on. I came here with the same flight as my friend Linnéa. A week after us Saga landed. The day after that Malin arrived. So on the bright side it sure feels like it’s a working holiday, and the more spare time we have the more time we have to devise adventure plans and chill at the beach. I usually travel by myself and if I’m lucky there’s friends I already know in the cities I go. I feel so happy and lucky to be here with some of my best friends now. 
I’ve moved three times over two weeks. We finally found a place together, me + Malin + Saga. We’ve been living together in London and Milan so it’s awesome to be roomies again. Unfortunately we’ve come to realize we have more roomies now though; the cockroach family. So awaiting to have them evicted, getting settled and back into some routines will have to wait a tad longer. Can’t wait. 




work mode

From first day of work earlier this week here in Cape Town (normal shoot, no awkwardness haha). Thought we were going to melt away in that rooftop studio (think greenhouse), but at least it sure came with a view.

IMG_4778.JPG IMG_4776.JPG IMG_4779.JPG IMG_4782.JPG IMG_4781.JPG IMG_4780.JPG




about Cape Town & castings

Cape Town is different. Sure a part of modeling is doing a lot of castings. Running around to different places showing potential clients I exist. Showing my portfolio, snapping some polaroids, maybe trying some clothes and do a walk. In CT though, there’s lots of moving image/film/video. Commercials, acting. There’s still no auditions you’ve prepared for though. Most of the time you walk into a room and have no idea what you’re about to do until you’re told right there and then. Then it’s just to push your thinking self aside and go.

I remember last time I was here (2013). I’ve pretended to serve yogurt to my imaginary family around an imaginary table. I’ve been having water fights without water. I’ve been acting like a proper stereotypical man high fiving my mates, drinking beers and talking about ‘that hot chick from the party last night’. Standing in front of a rolling camera and they tell me to introduce myself… and then “Ok you just won the lottery. Go!” and you just go, until they interrupt you saying “Alright stop, your friend just died. Go”. Sometimes with just one random person behind a camera, sometimes with the entire line of other models watching. And every time I go through the same stages.
1. Before: nervous, thinking what the hell am I doing here, get the fuck out. No. Wait. Ok. Just do it. Stop thinking.
2. During: disappearing in my own bubble and just do. Just being, just acting. And it’s so much fun.
3. After: that was fun! Let’s do it again? Again again again!

Then there’s times when you actually get some information beforehand. And sometimes it’s really just for the better to not know before..;


This one did sound worse than it was though haha, but talk about food orgasm..

It’s scary, it’s fun and I love it. This is what I’m back to now and I’ve already been through some awkward moments. Wish me luck!

x //A


white hot

Do you remember that I was in Turkey this last summer for work (1, 2)? A while back I finally got a scanned version the last editorial! Crisp white and gold, a yacht and the sea.

IMG_7897__1421184519_81.216.160.7 240__1421184108_81.216.160.7 241__1421184116_81.216.160.7 242__1421184126_81.216.160.7 243__1421184136_81.216.160.7 244__1421184316_81.216.160.7 245__1421184334_81.216.160.7 246__1421184358_81.216.160.7 247__1421184358_81.216.160.7


Favourites? Always. Pic three and five this time. No3 for the hair and face (I wouldn’t mind hair like that, always. Well apart from the fact it was windy and the hair was all over the place), no5 for the whole of it and because of legs (yep, I said it).

First editorial here.
Second editorial here.

x //A


CT w1

First work week in Cape Town, South Africa, has been hectic. It started out crazily warm – trust me it ain’t easy to run around in 36C and still look fresh and non sweaty at castings haha.

There’s been too little sleep, tough circuit morning training in full blown disco mood (lights and smoke machines at the gym is something for sure), agency agency agency, go&sees, castings, catch ups, braai (South African bbq), heat, and wind.

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Now I’m stuck with a sore throat but have an entire free weekend ahead. I heard someone whisper about beaches, beach volley and surf competitions.