deserted times

I might have booked out from work since it’s a bit of a slow week here anyway. You can never know for sure since most times I get my schedule with castings or work the day or evening before, so it is very difficult to plan things. There’s this thing I’ve wanted to do for a very long time though, so I decided to rather book out and maybe miss some casting, than not book out and wait around and maybe do nothing. So now I’m leaving Sydney for the Australian outback, to walk for hours in the heated desert around Ayers Rock and sleep under the stars.

I’m about 100% sure I won’t have any Internet and probably not even phone network coverage. That’s what we have pre set time posts for.


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the Blue Mountains

Saturday. While some of our peeps decided to go to a festival for some day partying, me and Johanna decided to hit nature again, this time to the Blue mountains. We started out together with the tourists winding down hundreds of steps and where the people in flip flops and dresses went back to the safety of civilization, we kept on going along deserted harder tracks. Over stick and stone – quite literally – ranging from difficulty levels medium to hard, and accidentally ending up on an “experienced” track (where you’re supposed to be minimum 3 ppl and tell others where you’re going.. oops). After 5 hours and at least 20km of hardcore hiking we hitchhiked the last bit along a road to get back before it went completely dark. A bit tiring, so beautiful and so worth it.

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the best thing I can do now is pretend I’ve done nothing wrong



It’s the beginning of a brand new week, did you maybe start a “new life” today? Good on ya! But never mind it’s Monday and a new week. You can always start over. If you would fall off the wagon already now by the start, don’t give up. Don’t procrastinate to start over until next week or next month. Start next minute, start now. Whatever your goal is, whatever you’re trying to set your mind to – you can do it. Remember that, because your mind is your strongest asset or fiercest enemy here.


fashion and model industry terminology

There are all these words within this industry, and I know some of you might have no idea what a bunch them mean (I barely know some of them..). Therefore, I’ve decided to make a little cheat sheet. If I have missed out on some word or stumble upon new ones, an updated version will show up here.



A model agency is the connection between clients and the model. It’s a company that represents models, and the models in the agency represents the agency. They take care of the client communication, and when a model travel to a new city they can help with arrangements for accommodation and travel arrangements. Models usually have one agency for each country where we go to stay for work.

Different categories represented by an agency, for example “women’s board” or “new faces” (new face: see below).

Booker, agent
A person who works at a model agency and the ones keeping in contact with clients for model bookings. They provide clients with information and suggestions of models, and do the negotiating and booking of models for jobs. They are the ones who get information about castings and send information and daily schedules to the models.

Call back
After a casting (see below) the client may do a short list (see below) of the favorite potential models for a job. A call back is when the client asks to see a few models again to be able to make a final decision. When a client asks to see a few models again to be able to make a final decision about which model to book for a job.

Call sheet
All the information for a job: where, when and what. Can also include names and contact numbers to the people in the team that will be working together.

Call time
What time a job is starting.

A client has a job and needs a model. They contact agencies and tell what sort of model they’re looking for and the agencies will send their appropriate models to the casting. Apart from just seeing the model in person, a casting often includes the client looking through the models portfolios (see below), take a few snapshots (see ‘polaroids’), and if the job is for a show the models are usually asked to do a walk back and forth.

Catwalk, runway
The stage or area where models walk when showing the clothes they’re wearing during a fashion show.

When being booked for a job; you’re the model the client has decided to work with.

Direct booking
When a model is being booked for a job somewhere else in the world. Since the job then is the only reason for the model to go there, the client provides and pays for travel and accommodation.

Ecommerce, ecomm
Electronic commerce, within the industry often referring to jobs when you’re shooting clothes for online shops.

A fashion story, pictures, usually for magazines for example.

Trying on clothes for an upcoming job to see how and that they fit the model.

Go&see, go see, go-see
Meet and greet. When the agency sends a model to see one of the clients they usually work with. It is like a casting but not for any specific job. The client then already knows about the existence of the model for future jobs.

Where a shoot will take place. Usually jobs not taking place in a studio is referred to as “location shoots”.

Lookbook, look book
A number of pictures showing a designer or brands new upcoming collection(s) and clothes, which is then sent out to buyers and retailers.

Usually includes height, bust-waist-hip measurements. In general there’s more preferred/required sizes and centimeters/inches for all these different measurements so that the models will fit the clothes correctly.

Model apartment
It’s common that model agencies got their own apartment(s) in the city where they are located. This is where models from abroad can come and stay while being in the city for work. The rent is paid by being taken off from your payment later, when clients pay for the work you’ve done.

Very commonly in a bad state, non cleaned and with old food left in the fridge and cupboards. Should come with a warning for loud roommates screaming on someone over Skype in some foreign language.

Mood- /inspiration board
A collection of pictures to describe the mood and inspiration for a shoot or show.

Mother agency
A models main agency that takes care of arranging other agencies all over the world for a model, and keeping them all updated with what is going on, new material etc.

New face
A new model, a new face within the industry.

When the model is considered for a job, the client is interested in confirming but is still choosing between several models. The model is “put on hold” for a particular day and may get confirmed.

1st, 2nd, 3rd etc option: the client with 1st option has the first say whether they want to confirm the model for a certain day. If they confirm, other options for the same day (2nd, 3rd) will go off. If they cancel the option, the client holding 2nd option gets 1st instead etc.

Polaroids, snapshots
Simple, easy photos to show what a model currently looks like, with little or no make up, natural hair and styling. Also often includes bikini or lingerie polaroids.

Portfolio, book, model book
A book filled with some of a models pictures that is being shown at castings, go&see’s etc. Different pictures may be used in different cities/markets depending on what sort of style clients usually like there. Can also be in a digital version on an iPad or other tablet, and can often be found online on the agency website too.

Request (casting)
A casting with more specific criteria being asked for. The client may have asked for a few models specifically who’s already on their short list (see below). See description of “call back” (above), but without the client having seen the models on a previous casting.

When being “found” by a model agency, someone who works for them or a scout, and asked to contact that agency to maybe become a model for them.

Setcard, composite, comp card
A card with one or several photos of a model, the models name and statistics/”stats” (measurements, shoe size, colors) and contact information to the agency representing this model. Sort of a business card to leave to clients at castings etc.

Short list
A shorter selection of models a client is choosing between for a certain job.

Tear, tear sheet
Pictures that has been published in print. Often torn out of magazines to be scanned or used in portfolios.

A photo shoot not for any particular use, more than to get the pictures to everyone involved to provide material for portfolios. Same thing as when a crew of people wants to do a shoot “just for fun” and be able to decide everything by themselves (no clients wishes to be provided for) and be more creative/go crazy.

For what and how much material (photos, film) from a job is being used. The more a client use the material, the more the model gets paid. Time limit and usage areas (Internet, adds, campaign etc, and also in a geographical meaning) for the material can be extended and therefore seen more, and will then cost more.


(For Swedish readers; many of these words do not exist in Swedish, we simply use good old Swenglish. There are a few though: agency – agentur, booker – bokare, confirmed – konfirmerad, direct booking – direktbokning, measurements – mått, model apartment – modellägenhet, mother agency – moder(s)agentur, polaroids – polaroider, scouted – scoutad.)




some of my favs


1. H2O
This might sound very cliche and all, but it is true: beauty comes from the inside, and water is important. It hydrates your skin and helps the body to cleanse itself, and make toxins and waste get out of your body with the water rather than through your skin. Therefore, water is definitely something that will help to keep your complexion in a good and beautiful condition. It does not have to be Evian, absolutely not. That just happened to be the label in this photo. If you are lucky enough to live somewhere where you can get clean water out of the tap – go for that! It will give you fresh water that hasn’t been stored in plastic bottles which is better both for you and the environment. Dirty tap water can affect the body and skin negatively though so when I’m in places like that I’d rather filter it all or get bottled water.

2. Clear nail polish
I’m the worst with waiting for nail polish to dry and I hate when it flakes right away. Swedish brand IsaDora sells quick dry long lasting nail polishes which has been my to-go-to for ages. The clear one dries up in 60 seconds and stays where it should. I like the clear because I can keep it when working whatever job I do, it works as a base coat and protects my nails if I get other colored polishes at work, and it gives you a bit more of a polished (duh) look than going without.

3. Nail buffer/polisher
When I just can’t be bothered with nail polish, or want to let my nails have a breather, a polisher at least gives your hands a sleeker look. I’ve found some polishers makes the nails shiny just for a like.. one minute, until you rinse your hands under water or whatever. It just doesn’t last. This one from The Body Shop is good though. Just don’t overdo the buffing so you weaken the nails instead – that ain’t pretty for the long term guys.

4/5. Coconut oil
Oh how I live multitasking products! This is one of my absolute favorites. I use coconut oil for cooking (a stable oil that doesn’t get destroyed by heat), as a body moisturizer, a hair treatment (just put a little bit in your hair and it will soak up all of it) and have tried to use it as a make up remover and facial cleanser as well (no need for more moisturizers afterwards). When traveling you have limited space and weight allowance in your suitcase, and rarely stay long enough to use up a jar of whatever it may be if you have a ton of different products. Also, the majority of what you put on your skin goes into your body so I love the idea of eatable skincare. And I love the smell and taste of pure coconut oil. (Ignore the brands on the pic here, just go for an eatable pure version for the multitasking.)

6. Bicarbonate
Another multitasking product from the kitchen. Mix it up with some water and you have a peeling, or mix it with conditioner to get a shampoo-like cleanser for your hair. Can also be used if making your own toothpaste or deodorant, and is brilliant for all sorts of house cleaning when mixing it with the right things (depends on what you want to clean).

7. Tiger balm
So I’m fairly active and do all sorts of different training. I’m also carrying around stuff on a daily basis (heels, portfolio etc), not to talk about dragging around my entire life-in-my-suitcase when going between places. All of this gives me sore and tensed muscles and having a tiger balm can be a savior to relax a bit, increase blood flow and therefore heal muscles a bit faster. Works well for a blocked nose as well if just smelling it (but ps, don’t put it on top of your nose if you’re feeling blocked there – it will feel like you have a strong fan blowing wind in your eyes for ages.. oops been there done that).

8. Clay
I use a dry clay from the French brand Argiletz. I love that it’s dry because it lasts forever, doesn’t weight anything and is easy to bring (no worries about leaking products!). My main usage for this is to mix with water and have as a cleansing facial mask. Sometimes so needed after all the heavy make up from work, and you can kind of see and feel the difference right away. You can also do the same and use it as a mild peeling, or wash your hair with it instead of using shampoo.

9. Conditioner
The only times I use shampoo is after I’ve been working and need to get stubborn hair products out of my hair. Otherwise I just use a conditioner, and make sure it’s without silicones. I like the “volume” one from the Rainforest Alliance series which leaves the hair with a lighter feeling, since my hair tends to be a bit heavy and without volume. As with everything – apart from food – I’m not a big fan of shopping. This conditioner is from The Body Shop, and since they’re spread all over the place it’s easy every time I need a new bottle.

10. Eyeliner
I don’t use much make up. I prefer to let my skin rest when not working, and for castings you need a natural look so the clients can see what YOU look like. I sometimes like to add a lighter eyeliner around the inner eye area though. Any eyeliner will do, and as long as it’s a lighter color you can’t really tell you’re wearing it, but it adds some definition. That also puts more attention to the eyes, which is a good trick if you have a bit of a bad skin day(s). Easy to add on more outside of or under the eyes as well to get a bit more of a done make up look.

11. YSL touché éclat
During the more pale months of the year I use this as light concealer to cover up the occasional spot or redness. Even if its very light in color it works well all year around for the under eye area to cover up a bit of tired darkness when needed, or to highlight and define chosen features of the face. I don’t use much though and very rarely as a highlighter. Small and convenient size too (but still lasts for a long time) which the practical traveller in me is cheering for.


x //A