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My current whereabouts is on the other side of the world from where I call home. Right now, I’m in Australia. I’ve been in Sydney for a couple of weeks by now and I have to say it feels good to be back with some summer sun above me (well, and a whole lot of rain) and sand under my feet while I keep on working here.

Exactly right now, I’m actually out road tripping over the weekend, and I’m not a 100% sure how much WiFi the Australian roads will provide me with. There won’t be long until I’m back in the city with some Internet again though, so stay tuned. I have so much to show and tell you, there is so much to share I barely know where to start. In the meantime, feel free to check my Instagram @lifebyalina - in case I get a hold of some 3G on the roads that is the place where you’ll find out.

peace x //A



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If you want to, you can find me on Instagram @lifebyalina. Do you not have Instagram? You can still follow my feed online, here.

x //A


an introduction


Who am I? That’s a very good question, with an answer I’m still trying to figure out myself. I guess I should have a bit of a hunch at least, since after all I pretty much spend 24/7 with this person.

A lot of the time I have so much going on in my mind, multitasking my thoughts and trying to figure so much out at the same time I end up standing still not knowing where to start, and seeming quiet to the outside world. When I manage to put words to some of this brain activity it tends to get long as my fingers fly across the keyboard trying to keep up. I just have a difficulty writing shortly when I get started. Hopefully that won’t scare you off.

I work as a model within the fashion industry. I have the world as my work place and playground. I’m from Sweden and count Stockholm as my home, but I usually say I live in my suitcase. I don’t know much about fashion, trends, brands and names within the business. At least I don’t think I know much, but I guess I’ve learnt some on the way. What I do know for sure though, is my part of the job – the part I like and am good at. Acting in front of cameras, creating something through team work.

Health is important to me. I hope that will be noticeable here. I think it’s about a balance between the physical and psychological. I’ve always been active, doing different sports. As important as being active, is the nutrition you fuel your body with. I have a diploma to work with dietary services, and I’ve completed a shorter uni course in health and nutrition. That doesn’t mean I’m a 100% health freak though, I don’t believe that is good either anyway. It’s not about perfection (because honestly, how healthy is perfection..?).

I think this planet – our only home – is important, and we should treat it that way. I believe no one can do everything, but everyone can do something. Same thing with the animals, they’re living creatures who deserves respect and being treated right, just as much as everything else. Which kind of brings me to the fact that I’m an educated animal career through the Swedish A-level/high school education.

Some (a lot of) people describe me as crazy and weird, the more they get to know me the more sure they seem to be of this. I take these words as compliments.

Sometimes (often) contradictionary (whatever anyone says, it is possible to think or be two completely different things at the same time. I don’t know if that makes sense to you?). Trying to find a balance between good and bad, black and white. Finding variation without falling too much towards one way or another. Not more than human. Living in love and chaos.

You’ll get to know more along the journey if you want to come with. Who knows, maybe I’ll get to know more too. I’ll take you with to new places, new realities, chosen moments from my life on and off work, through knowledge and experiences, health and travels, text and photos. Hopefully you will find some inspiration here.



Photographer: Derrick Leung