work weeks and take off

Modeling isn’t all about standing in front of a camera or getting hair and make up done or running between castings or even waiting in line at castings. This past two weeks I’ve spent quite a few hours filling in papers, emailing, calling, visiting embassy, picking up visa, comparing flights, buying a flight, sorting out accommodation, realizing I might’ve gotten the wrong visa, trying to figure out if the visa I got but didn’t apply for works too etc etc.

Anyway there’s plans in the making and today I’ll catch a flight to Cape Town. I guess I’ll see the summer sun again sooner than I expected.

I’ve been living in Cape Town once before, for nine weeks in 2013. Lately I’ve had this feeling I need to go back and circumstances seemed to agree so I go with the flow.



Yay excited times! //A


a zoodle reminder

image image


You know that vibrant colorful beet and broccoli soup? Leftover soup or anything else creamy = perfect zoodle sauce topping! This time around I topped my zucchini noodles with some extra carrot noodles (coodles? caodles? chaos? …whatever), beet soup, cauliflower mash, toasted chickpeas, sunflower seeds and black sesame seeds.


↑ Before and camera ready. ↓ After and ready to get eaten.



pink (but green) winter warmer

Yes, cold outside calls for more soup again. This time some inspo for a good winter warmer in the guise of a colorful, healthy, tasty soup. It’s vegan (= milk free, lactose free), gluten free, sugar free. I’ve wanted to try this recipe for quite some time and got the perfect timing when I had some fresh broccoli in need to be eaten asap. I served it with oven roasted red onion and fresh avo, but if you want to simplify it’ll do just as well without (then skip step 2).

image image


2-3 peeled beetroots
2 crushed cloves of garlic
2 cans of coconut milk
1 head of broccoli
Lemon juice (½ lemon)
A couple of pinches of sea salt
Cayenne pepper (or chili)
Black pepper
2 red onions
Coconut oil (or other preferred version)
1-2 avocados

1. Throw beets, garlic and a pinch of sea salt in a pot with water, bring to boil, turn down heat and let simmer until the beets are soft.
2. Put oven on 180°C. Cut onion into pieces of your choice, cover in coco oil and put on a baking sheet. Keep in the oven until they’re golden brown.
3. Bring a pot with salted water to a boil, put the broccoli in there and let boil for 3 minutes. Put into cold water as soon as this is done.
4. When the beets are soft, pour on coconut milk and a pinch of sea salt + cayenne pepper + black pepper. Let simmer on low heat for ~3 minutes. Let the broccoli take swim wi the rest and keep the heat on. Add the lemon juice.
5. Mix with a hand blender.

And you’re done to serve and enjoy with a sprinkle of red onion and cold avo.

I also added a spoon of cauliflower mash, which is easily made by boiling a head of cauliflower with a can of coconut milk and a handful of cashews that you’ll blend together when it’s all boiled until soft. Yummers as a side to everything.

image image

Inspired by recipe from golubkakitchen.com



right now is a gift – that’s why we call it the present

Did you not give any new year resolutions? Did you already break some? Are you tired of getting gifts to everyone after the Xmas holidays? Well, no matter which, maybe this year try to give presence. To family, to friends, to others, and to yourself. Be aware, be here, be now.

I know this is a commercial vid, but it’s so true and clear and worth your while (and then afterwards, presence).


Disconnect and connect, x //A